How It Works

Pick a car, select your budget, drive away

What is Car Finance?

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way so here is how car finance works and how specifically Freedom Car Credit works.

It is a type of finance which is secured on the vehicle you choose to buy with it, in most cases the lender will be the owner of the vehicle until you complete your part of the contract (Pay the monthly payments).

Historically most vehicle finance was arranged in the garage where you go to buy your car however companies like us are changing the way this works. We assist you to work out your finance deal prior to hitting the forecourt , making your visit to a garage more about the car/vehicle rather than the car finance, repayments etc.

Once approved and you have chosen your car typically the money is transferred directly to the car garage/dealership, you then make payments to the lender each month. Once all payments have been made and the term is up the vehicle is then yours.

If you are not in a position to pay for a car in cash and you can afford regular monthly repayments (If you don’t anticipate your circumstances worsening) car finance enables you to get the car you want now and pay back monthly for it.

Our Services

  • Flexible repayments - repay over a period of 12 to 60 months
  • No deposit - we work with a number of providers where no deposit is necessary
  • Choose any vehicle - whether it's a car, van, motorcycle, used or new, we may be able to help
  • No hassle - you will only be contacted when absolutely necessary

About Us

Our team consists of experienced financial services personnel, who should be able to guide you through the process. Upon completion, a team member will be in touch to discuss your application.

Freedom Car Credit is a trading name of Sandhurst Associates Limited based in Manchester.

As well as car finance, we also offer the ability to search for motorbike finance and van finance, both used and new.

Our simple solution to use an online application form makes it easy to apply for car finance, and is optimised for mobile use so you can apply on the move.

Sandhurst Associates Limited is a FCA-authorised credit broker, not a lender

We work exclusively with a selected group of lenders and brokers to offer you a range of credit and loan products. We may receive commission from lenders or brokers for introducing you to them or when you complete your application with them. You can request details of these commissions or fees, by emailing us. We will then provide you with the precise amount of the commission. Please note the broker we direct you to may not offer the cheapest loan that is available to meet your needs.

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